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Healing Arts


Seena Russell Axel

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2018 Winner of:

National top doctor of psychotherapy

Seena Russell Axel, Ph.D., has been a practitioner and teacher/trainer of body/mind/spirit healing arts throughout her life. She has become masterful at offering these skills to make meaning of and honor the life journey. Seena is a New York State Licensed Mental Health Counselor, a Certified Rubenfeld Synergist, Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, and is an EMDR Trauma Specialist. She is a yogini, author, poet, grandmother, and the Founding Director of the Return to Self Counseling Center, specializing in women's (50 y/o+) spirituality groups. A senior psychotherapist, national workshop leader, university professor, and ordained healer, her private practice (focusing on adult individuals and couples) and group work in Plainview, NY, have been described as "love made visible." Seena is the author of "Advice From the Heart," an advice column in Active Lifestyle magazine.


Private Practice Modalities Used
in Addition to Clinical Psychotherapeutic Techniques


On top of her private practice, Dr. Seena Russell Axel is a writer, poet, and crone woman. Click below to discover her latest poems, articles, notes, and letters. 

Dr. Seena Russell Axel's first poetry book, Infusion of Eros: 
The Evolutionary Tale of a Peacock Crone
 is now available for purchase. 

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